1. Chicken sexer

It’s a both unique and needed profession, therefore, when working as a chicken sexer in, for example, the UK, we can count on a high salary – up to 60,000 pounds per year. What is the responsibility of a chicken sexer? Proper diagnosis of chicken’s sex, and in order to do this, you need to catch a chicken and stare into his reproductive organs. Distinguishing hen from cock at the earliest possible stage can divide them into the group that lays the eggs and the group destined for quick consumption. Poultry breeding industry is doing well so far, therefore chicken sexer’s future isn’t threathened.


Pros: good salary, stable employment.

Cons: working in hermetic conditions, being a potential object of jokes among friends.

2. Ear cleaner

A profession that can already be classified as dying, but not in India – there, you can have your dirty ear cleaned by inserting a long stick with cotton on it, by a complete stranger. It looks like this:


Pros: flexible working hours, short training time.

Minus: opportunities for further business development – very little.

3. Toques
User of Toques’ services praise them for effectiveness, immediate effect of stimulation and “adrenaline high”. The word “toques” comes from the Spanish verb tocar, which means “touch”. The name says a lot about what they do, because as part of their services, they offer… an electric shock. They work in Mexico in neighborhoods known for high concentration of bars and nightclubs. In my network search of the material which clearly shows the dificculty of their work, I came across a striking Mexican entertainment program “Toques El Karaoke” – yes, that’s what you think. It’s a video for fans of Japanese quiz shows.


Pros: you are fascinated by electrocution, but the profession of electrician isn’t “original” enough for you.

Cons: watching faces of your customers twisted in pain

4. Snake milker

The task faced by a snake “milker” is dangerous. He squeezes venom from these reptiles, so that you can create the life-saving serum from it, or provide ingredient needed by¬†pharmaceutical companies to make drugs. This work brings with it some heroic connotations – and it is correct, because resources of serum for snake venom are running out in many hospitals, however, “snake milkers” (despite of how silly it sounds) are often very well educated people. One of the basic requirements that must be met in order to work in this profession, you have to have a doctorate… Not to mention nerves of steel as Indiana Jones.


Pros: great sense of meaning and satisfaction at work, in the end it’s about saving human life.

Cons: if the exam for driver’s licence was an extremely stressful experience for you, just forget it.

5. Professional hugger

You feel very sad, you would like to hug someone. The traditional path to receive this consolation goes through establishing and maintaining contacts. But for some reason, it didn’t work out, you couldn’t, didn’t want to or were too busy, and the only thing you need now is a hug? No problem, because for a reasonable fee, a professional hugger is willing to meet your need. This profession is growing rapidly in Japan, where are cafes specializing in “hugs”. This trend also went farther, to the United States. In New York, you can buy a private cuddling session, $45-80 per hour, which seems to be a reasonable price.

A song about hugs performed by American comedians with Pharrell.

Pros: bringing relief and helping others, additionally you have the money to pay your bills.

Cons: psychological stress, you never know who you have to hug

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