We came across Włoszczyzna restaurant a little by an accident. We wanted to go beyond the area of OFF Piotrkowska and discover a “gem”. We did it. The intriguing name of the pub at Piotrowska 16 immediately caught our attention. We had to go there, and check whether this place stands out. The décor is very warm, homey and great for a meet up with friends or family. I would strongly recommend it also for a business meeting, because coffee is amazing and you have to try it. When you are in Włoszczyźna, you must also taste the pizza, which is served in rectangular pieces. The owner told us, that this is a typical pizza from Italy, and what’s more, it’s prepared by the Italian, who is a cook there. Something delicious! Come and discover the Italian taste in Łódź.

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Text: Anna Nieszczerzewicz [Anka]

Photos: Justyna Helena Majewska [Helka]

translation: Agnieszka Wawiórko