I am taller than my mum and much thinner than my dad. After graduating from high school I was studying economy. In the second semester, when I was learning to my finals, I came to the conclusion that I don’t feel artistic enough, so I quit studies. Next half year was busy, and my passport has acquired some new stamps (!) and a visa to the United States. It’s been two years since then. Now I am a student of movie production in Katowice, and I produce family films myself.


Whenever I blow out the candles on the cake, or whenever I see a shooting star, I wish to be happy and so far my wishes come true. When I was 4 years old, I used to go and tell people that in the future I’ll be a psychologist. Later, they made me realize that this profession has nothing to do with dogs („psy” means dogs in Polish, hence the wordplay)… As a child, I played the game of magic school and I was inventing my own Pokémons. Now I can boast about a few etudes which I realized and my own ideas on the use of film or disk space.

I try not to drown in a sea of ​​”movie world” and not be devoured by sharks circling around my little boat. Oh, and I honour everything which is connected with the sea, so keep your fingers crossed, maybe I get a patent this year…

Besides, I love dogs. I don’t love cats that much, because I am allergic to them. I don’t like snakes and riding a bike (bad memories from childhood).

Later, I will write about the rest.
Feel free to read!