Jaguar Land Rover picked Iceland as the launch location of its new Land Rover Discovery Sport SUV. Yes, if I lived there permanently, the darkness and general bleakness would lead me to drinking in excess, but it was ideal with regard to the dynamic qualities of the car.
We started off in the dark, with a proper snowstorm and huge snowdrifts. On studded tires. And…some cars feel right from the outset, and this for sure was one of them. With the ESP firmly off for the duration of the test drives, it felt transparent and natural, progressive and delicate in its responses. It allowed me to drive the way I like, in long, shallow slides, and never felt stupidly eager to just plow on forward.
Brazilian journos who tried to follow on snow and ice were disappointed and probably left believing the size of the engine was to blame (identical to my car’s, by the way).
I also like the way the car looks, I like the space inside, and even at my ripe old age am able to operate the nav-cum-entertainment system. And that means something.
All in all, this is now my favorite medium-sized SUV. Unpretentious, does not allow excessive power to get in the way of drivability and subtlety.

Land Rover Discovery Sport in Iceland 1

Land Rover Discovery Sport in Iceland