It was a cold, but sunny March day. Two twelve year old girls were walking along Ustka, joyfully exclaiming: “I feel spring already! Soon it’ll be holidays!” (some time later, they were lying in bed with the flu, but that’s another story). Great mood that accompanied them wasn’t caused by nice weather only, but also the success of a school theatre performance and a delicious burger eaten moments before. There was adventure in the air!

After a while of happy marching, the girls – Kasia and Aga, saw a large iron key on the pavement in front of them. More or less like that:

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And as the girls were incredibly curious about the world, liked to play paper chase, guesses and secret missions, they took it without hesitation, making up a million stories about it.

Believe it or not, but inside that key they saw a piece of paper, which, very intrigued, they took out. They saw a small piece of paper saying “GAS”. Children have an amazing imagination, probably because of that the girls knew right away, that they have to look for something (for what exactly?!) in street boxes with the gas meter. Like that:

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At that time, there was a lot of these boxes in the city, but most of them remained inaccessible to them – it was placed too high, and it was closed by a gate, or a key, etc. Some of them, however, could be opened. And so Kasia and Aga were running around the city, from box to box, looking for the one. And you know what? They found it!

When it seemed that this was the end, all hope was lost, they won’t find it, they opened the door of the last box and saw… another letter. And the note inside:

“A castle (in Polish, “zamek” means both “lock” and “castle”). Not necessarily this one. Remember about X. Go 1.March. “

The girls felt like in a crime film, like they were on the trail of a thief, like treasures hunters. In a nutshell, they loved this fun brain teaser with a stranger.

Kasia and Aga, looking for solution to the mystery, went to the ruins of a castle on the sand dunes, where they found a stone/pre-war brick with “X” engraved on it. They began to dig around and… found a note:


What did that mean? This time, they had no idea. It was starting to get dark, so they decided to return home.

When one of the girls was on an evening walk with the dog, she saw a large sheet of paper in the bushes by her block. She would not be herself if she hadn’t took it! What was on that sheet of paper?
Well, on the one side, someone drew two girls in characteristic caps (same as those worn by Kasia and Aga). The first was hanging on the tree, while the other was laying on the ground with a knife in her hand. In the bushes, there was a pair of eyes watching them.
On the other side of the paper, there was a note:

“You know me well. You can’t make it. I won. “

It was too much for them. When they met the next day, terrified, they decided that they won’t try to solve such kind of puzzles never again. After all, someone followed them! Someone knew them! Someone wanted to scare them! Or do something worse?! In their young minds, there was so much fear, doubt, many questions and uncertainties! Who was that? What did he want from them?

I don’t know it until today…

Notes: diary from 2000

translation: Agnieszka WawiĆ³rko