Making a health card in Barcelona turns out to be much simpler than I thought. My, extending to four years, production of NIE (work permission) made it a little bit lazy to approach any kind of paper-official work. I thought to myself: “Why do I need this card, I’m fine.”
I changed my mind 2 times. Firstly, when I went with friends to one of the concerts to celebrate Merce on the square called Macba. It was about 1 am, my condition lightly indicating drinking some alcohol, like a thousand people around and one glass beer bottle flying in the air. Whose head it may have hit? Yes, mine. When I woke up, a seizable circle started to gather around me, and my head was oozing blood. My alcoholic state made me want to go home or to sleep, or to a party! Instead, however, I was taken to the public hospital. There, the doctor refused to take me in, because I didn’t have a health card, or any other insurance. My colleague, however, asked him to check, just in case, if I have pieces of glass in my head that need to be drawn and whether there is a need to stitch. Or it can simply be rinsed with water and sealed with the plaster? The doctor looked at it. There is glass and he needed to sew. Then I regretted it for the first time. We went to another hospital, where they offered me assistance for only 60 Euro (it was a loooot for me!). But what could I do? I agreed. I was given an injection, they removed the glass and stitched me. When we left, it turned out that ultimately none of us paid for it. I thought they send me a bill to my house, as I gave them the address, or they order me to pay while removing the stitches. Nothing like this hasn’t happened. What did I learn? Why do I need health card, if I can do everything without it?!


Second time. I am sick for 3 weeks. Firstly, it was just a cough, then a runny nose, fever, cough getting worse and worse, and terrible pain in the chest. “I finally want to feel good!!!” – I thought. It’s time. I got up in the morning, I took all the documents that I have, and I went to CAPA – health centre by my apartment. I was expecting a huge queue, problems, photocopying and sending me to different places… 3 minutes. It’s all it took. 3 minutes! I got a document, which I use as a health card, and within two weeks they will send me a normal card. Man is but a fool.