Unusually, I recently had more time to watch a few films. I also terribly wanted to see “Jaws” (1975, directed by Spielberg), so I watched the first, second and even the third and fourth part of a series about man-eating shark. Of course, I won’t go into a sea or an ocean for the next half year.

The film has its 40th anniversary this year, therefore those who haven’t watched “Jaws” yet, have a few decades of delay.

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“Jaws” is a classic, one of the best thrillers, mega hit, a large production, and, most importantly (in my opinion) – the best horror film about sharks. The film is based on Peter Benchley’s best selling novel “Jaws”, and despite the passage of years it still scares us, and also fascinates at the same time. The shooting lasted nearly three times longer than planned. This was due to problems in the construction of… a shark! The first version of the artificial shark, went to the bottom of the sea during the first shot made with it. Another artificial shark fell apart. After a few puppets in a row, they finally made the one, which could properly play in front of the camera.

Everything indicates, however, that Universal Pictures is considering very seriously the possibility of shooting the new “Jaws”. The motivation for this decision is the large number of viewers in cinemas on the new part of the Jurassic World.

Storyline: Amity Island is a small seaside resort. Each summer, hundreds of tourists arrive there. The situation becomes dramatic, when sheriff Martin Brody (Roy Scheider) finds butchered corpse of a young girl on the beach. Quickly, it becomes clear that Carcharodon carcharias – a giant shark is responsible for it. Brody, as soon as possible, instructs his men to close the resort. Unfortunately, the beach remains open, because the mayor of the town, Larry Vaughn (Murray Hamilton) doesn’t agree with the decision. He doesn’t want to drive away the tourists, to not to lose profits. When the next shark attacks happen, the situation seems hopeless. Sheriff decides to set off with the oceanographer Hooper (Richard Greyfuss) and shark hunter Quint (Robert Saw) to fight the great beast.

Starring: Roy Scheider, Lorraine Gary, Murray Hamilton, Richard Greyfuss Robert Saw.


Speaking of “Jaws”, you should mention Oscar-winning music performed by John Williams. His theme has become almost a cult one, and is one of the most recognizable film tracks.

Jaws trailer.

I mentioned that I think “Jaws” is the best horror film about sharks. There is another one worth mentioning. I beg you not to be scared of the Polish title – “Piekielna głębia” (“The Deep Blue Sea”, 1999, directed by Renny Harlin). The film is interesting, because it has a pretty good plot. It is more probable than “Sharknado” (2013, directed by Anthony C. Ferrante) or “Sharktopus” (2010, directed by Declan O’Brien).

deep blue sea plakat 1

Storyline: Dr. Susan McCallister (Saffron Burrows) is the head of the underwater laboratory, where research on sharks is conducted. Their goal is to find a cure for Alzheimer’s disease. One research program carried out by her, is highly controversial. The experiment consists of implantation of human tissue in sharks’ brains. To get additional funds for the research, Susan invites a sponsor to Aquatica – Russell Franklin (Samuel L. Jackson). During the demonstration experiment, an accident happens. Unexpectedly, the animal regains consciousness and attacks the congregation. Deadly and extremely intelligent beasts escape into the wild and surround the resort, making it impossible for the research team to escape.

Starring: Saffron Burrows, Thomas Jane, Samuel L. Jackson, Roy Scheider, LL Cool J.

“The Deep Blue Sea” trailer.

deep_blue_sea 1

An interesting phenomenon is that every shark in the films I’ve seen, eats a registration plate from Louisiana!

My challenge is to see as many films about sharks as possible, and identify all the fish that ate up a plate saying Louisiana.

Deep Blue Sea 1999_02

Theme of extremely intelligent sharks appeared also in a fairy tale: “A Fish Tale” (“Hjælp, jeg er en fisk”, 2000, directed by Michael Hegner, Stefan Fjeldmark Greg Manwaring). The extraordinary story about friendship, the underwater world and ecological problems (!). The film raises the subject of overcrowding on Earth and global warming.

Ratunku jestem rybką - plakat

Storyline: Three children: Fly, Stella and their chubby cousin Chuck, during the absence of parents, escape from the custody of despotic aunt. Fishing trip ends with the discovery of the mad scientist laboratory – Mac Krill. He developed a very unusual potion that turns people into fish, which Stella drinks by coincidence. The little girl was turned into a starfish and went into the ocean, and Fly and Chuck, after tuning into a flying fish and jellyfish, set off to help her. Now the children have only two days to find and drink the antidote, otherwise they will never return to human form.

Polish dubbing: Jakub Truszczyński (Fly), Jacek Wolszczak (Chuck), Grzegorz Wons (Professor Mac Krill), Marian Opania (Joe), Sylwester Maciejewski (Shark).

Ratunku, jestem rybką trailer.

  • Chuck, Fly i Stella uwięzieni przez Joe i Rekina ("Ratunku, jestem rybką")
  • Stella, Fly i Chuck w ludzkiej postaci ("Ratunku jestem rybką")
  • Joe i Rekin ryby które postanowiły opanować ocean za pomocą antidotum doktora Mac Krilla ("Ratunku, jestem rybką")
  • Sasza i Krab - strażnik więzienia (Ratunku, jestem rybką")
  • Chuck, Stella, Sasza i Fly z antidotum ("Ratunku, jestem rybką")


More films about sharks that I’m going to see:

trailer “Shark Night 3D” (2011, directed by Dacid R. Ellis)

trailer “Shark Attack” (1999, directed by Bob Misiorowski)

trailer “Bait” (2012, directed by Kimble Rendall)

trailer “The reef” (2010, directed by Andrew Traucki)

I wonder where will this plate be :D