Emotional blackmail worked very well on H’s grandparents and, to my great relief, they agreed to take her on holiday. My joy didn’t last long, because as it turned out, saying goodbye to a child, which is with me every day is a challenge for both the child and the parent. Packaging also poses many difficulties, as the crazy mind of the mother produces a million different scenarios within a minute and eventually the child ends up with three suitcases, each for a different occasions. In the end, she’s leaving hugged out and laden like a Nomad. After a transitional stage of grief, fear and remorse, in which I’ve fallen, my superhusband suggested a walk.

How refreshing it was to wander aimlessly around the park, without a need to pass by a noisy playground. How nice it was to spontaneously decide on eating out without peeking at a watch and a phone fearing a text message from a grandmother or a nanny. How free it was to meet with friends without their dirty looks toward noisy Halina.

In this rush of events, we felt a little bit like students again, freely (or at least more freely than younger parents) disposing our time, independent (at least financially from our parents), free (not necessarily from addictions) and well- rested (yes I know, it’s also debatable).

Relished by freedom, we returned home, where we were welcomed by our child’s strewn around toys and her smiling face looking at us with from a big photo. This is where we belong and this is where we feel happy. Student life, although recalled with longing, is replaced with crazy life of a young family. Life so nice, that I wouldn’t swap it with any student.

Honestly, I have to admit that this week without Halinka was exactly what we needed and probably we will use more of the benefits of “holidays with my grandparents” in the future. We will then enjoy an empty house without remorse, knowing that in a few days once again it be filled with H’s laughter, who apart from a good relationship with grandparents, will gain rested and relaxed parents full of new energy and patience after such a “leave”. Because happy parents are a happy child. And that’s all there is to it!