Mitch Dobronerowi was guided by this very thought when he decided to set off to the unknown with tornadoes hunter – Roger Hill, and begin a series of photographs inspired by the photos of Ansel Adams, dedicated to the amazing nature in all its glory.

Ansel Adams Wilderness, California. Afternoon Thunderstorm, Garnet Lake.

One of the classic Ansel Adams’ photos.

In his collection, we see endless landscapes of North America bathing in rain, shattered by wind and tornados. The dominant part are clouds, which contain the entire destructive-lifegiving force of nature. These images are both the end and beginning of certain cycles that occur every day in summer, in hot states located in the USA.
Photos are breathtaking, and they are asking to be printed in large format, to bring out those electryfying moments a little bit more.


More Mitch’s photos can be found on his website.


translation: Agnieszka Wawiórko