The latest trend crept unnoticed into the world of fashion by introducing real chaos. It has magically charmed us with its positive energy and made everyone want to be like it. Meet chaos magic – a trend that came from a distant galaxy to kidnap ordinary human beings and infect them with the love for colors, patterns and glitter. The main objective of the mission: to make originality be in fashion again.




Blouse, H&M, 129.90. Top, Top Secret, 39,99 zł. Skirt, C&A, 69.90 zł. Socks, Calzedonia, 18.50 zł. High heels, 3i, 540 zł.





Magda: Shirt, Top Secret, 89.90 zł. Jumpsuit, H&M, 139.90 zł. Earrings, H&M, 19.90 zł. Bracelet, Parfois, 19,90 zł. Ring, Parofis, 19,90 zł. Heels, Deichmann, 89 zł. Sebastian: Sweatshirt, H&M, 79.90 zł. Shoes, H&M, 199 zł.






Blouse, H&M, 40 zł. Sweatshirt, Ranita Sobańska. Skirt, Top Secret, 99.99 zł. High heels, Jacob Birge Vision. Cap, Kiki Mikado, 150 zł. Glasses, Tiger. Neckerchief, Parfois, 119.90 zł. Bag, Parfois, 109.90 zł. Watch, Obaku, 530 zł. Calendar, Parfois, 69,90 zł. Tights, Calzedonia, 44,90 zł.


brokat men

T-shirt, Bershka, 29,90 zł.


Magda: Jacket, Ranita Sobańska. Top, Top Secret, 39,99 zł. Jeans, Moodo, 129.90 zł. Earrings, Parfois, 49.90 zł. “Eye” bracelet, Parfois, 29.90 zł. “Peace” bracelet, Parfois, 19,90 zł. Socks, Calzedonia, 18.50 zł. Shoes, Skechers, 299 zł. Sebastian: Shirt, H&M, 99.90 zł. Sweater, H&M, 139.90 zł. Velvet trousers, H&M, 99.90 zł. Shoes, Skechers, 339 zł.




Magda: Jacket, Levis, 429 zł. Top, H&M, 129.90 zł. Pants, H&M, 139.90 zł. Shoes, Baldowski, 439 zł. Sebastian: Sweater, Tatuum, 159.99 zł. Sunglasses, Parfois, 49.90 zł. Shoes, Baldowski, 415 zł.


PhotoOskar Jan Jarzyna [Oskar]

ModelMagdalena Swat

Model: Sebastian Ryński

Style and productionAnna Nieszczerzewicz [Anka]

MUAAngelika Kady

HairKasia Godlewska

Photo assistant: Katarzyna Domitrz [Kasia]

Backstage:  Justyna Helena Majewska [Helka]

GIFS: Samantha Kamiński

Chaos magic behind the scenes – making of the photo-shoot

Recently, the fashion world is being conquered by a new trend: chaos magic, which we appreciated (I wrote more about it HERE). It is characterized by splendour, but also playfulness, originality, fun, we liked it so much, that we decided to make a photo-shoot in this climate. I’ve had this idea in mind since November this year, so slowly I began to refine the details and wonder how this photo shoot would look like. When I sorted this whole vision in my head, I only needed a team. Fortunately, I managed to assemble a very high levelled team. Organizing a photo shoot isn’t easy, but nothing is impossible. Having the idea, I spoke to Oskar and Kasia, asking if maybe they would be interested in taking photos, and later to Heli, whether she wanted to take care of the backstage material. They immediately agreed, so I sent moodboards to all of them. Not every stylist is working that way way, I mean by making moodboards, but I consider it as a base and I prepare each session like that. This helps the rest to feel the atmosphere, to plan the amount and types of styling, and what is more, you can also hear interesting comments and suggestions, which have positive effect on the final outcome of the shoot.


So the photographers were already confirmed, but I still have to get models, make-up artist, stylist… oh, and don’t forget about the place! There was a few things to take care of, and to make matters worse, we had a very little time left, because we gave ourselves one and a half week. In addition to being a stylist, I also undertook its production, so I got around to organization as fast as I could! The rest of the people was very helpful; for example, Kasia gave me the idea to contact the models from a famous program – Top Model. I decided to give it a try! I sent emails and I was waiting for responses. In the meantime, I managed to hire Sebastian Ryński, a model. He liked the idea and said he would be happy to take part in it, because he likes challenges and projects other than those on which he normally works. Having Sebastian in the team, I wondered what’s up with our “top model”, until finally I heard from Magdalena Swat! That was it! We knew that Magda will fit well into the character of the session, and after hearing the entire plan, she couldn’t wait.


Our chaos magic shoot additionally presents two trends – glitter roots and glitter beard. I knew that I needed a barber who knows his stuff. In search of such a person I went to Maxmodels, and found Kasia Godlewska profile. We quickly found a common ground. I admit that finding make-up artist wasn’t also an easy task, because the make-ups were not the easiest to do. I searched various groups on Facebook, Maxmodels again, asked among my friends, until I came across Andżelika Kada, who immediately said yes!


The next step was to borrow clothes for the shoot. There aren’t so many available clothes that would sparkle, were colourful, patterned and with funny accents. While it wasn’t such a tragedy to find something like that for a girl, then was a challenge to find a chaos magic stylization for the guy. I was running around showrooms and shop for a week, until I gained six large sacks full of clothes and accessories.


Well, then, what was left was to… do a photo shoot! Hela helped with finding a place – she recommended us a club-café called Jaś&Małgosia. We met there at 9.00 am on 11 December. The owner agreed to organise the shoot in their project room, so we had not only a place, but also delicious food and drink. The session lasted until 18.00, but it passed very quickly. Everyone got along well, so it is hardly surprising. Nothing is as enjoyable as the work you love. I am glad that I can find fulfillment and work with people who have the same approach to life. I will finish with this accent, and I invite you to see the backstage photos prepared by Justyna Helena Majewska.


Team from the leftj: Tomasz Sol, Justyna Helena Majewska, Ania Nieszczerzewicz, Kasia Godlewska, Angelika Kady, Magdalena Swat, Kasia Domitrz, Oskar Jan Jarzyna and Sebastian Ryński in the bottom row.

translation: Agnieszka Wawiórko