The aforementioned “five minutes” is a lot for a trend in fashion. It’s not about dozen or several dozen of trends that can be found in colourful magazines, which disappear from fashion world after one season. I’m talking about the trends that last usually about two years, or much longer for some people, because they are more than just a trend – they are a lifestyle, a way to express yourself. The last phenomenon of this type, which lasted for about two years, was normcore, about which I have written more HERE; whereas before it was hipster style, which, to my mind, isn’t entirely extinct. Normcore was fashion for simple silhouettes, casual style of the 90s and generally boom for all that’s plain, simple, bland. Now comes the style, which differs from normcore in every way…


Collage: Maciej Macy Czerniejewski [Macy]

Both normcore and chaos magic are associated with the New York agency K-hole, which deals with predicting trends. They threw on us fashion for ordinariness and now they’re taking it away, replacing it with fashion for originality. I must admit that, personally, I was fascinated by normcore. I was interested in how quickly people embraced this trend and didn’t want to be different, they wanted to belong to a wider group, to be “normal”. I was, and I am impressed, while I hate normcore from the start! I have never wanted simplicity in my closet and I dress as I like it. This doesn’t change the fact that wearing colours, patterns, boldly combining silhouettes, I looked like a misfit between sweatshirts, Levis 501 and white Superstar sneakers… I waited until this nightmare will pass and for the times when I don’t have to worry about wearing funny t-shirt, skirt in striking color, throwing on big t-shirt, wearing athletic shoes, and perhaps even an unusual handbag and some jewelry, to come! So what! Why I should limit myself?! Fashion should be fun, it should be a form of self-expression rather than the suppression of someone’s style beneath the tracksuit. Therefore, in a long time, nothing has pleased me as much as the news about the arrival of the era of chaos magic, which is committed to the principle: the more original, the better!


Collage: Maciej Macy Czerniejewski 

One of the founders of K-Hole, Emily Segal, mentioned in an interview with “I think we found ourselves in a moment when we began to wonder to where this leads, what will be next? Then I realized that it would be… magic.” This is not, however, about the magic that brings to mind wizardry, witches, or Harry Potter, but about the one which is our inner strength, which is present in all of us. Chaos magic proposes to liberate it, boldly show who we are, and don’t be afraid to look like we would really like to look. Important elements in this trend, apart from wearing clothes consistent with our “I”, are colours, patterns, cosmic inspiration, hippie style and glitter. It’s time to stand up to normality and get carried away by magic!

Below, I selected some chaos magic designs from the shows for spring-summer 2016.

collage_chaos magic

Gucci, Maison Margiela, Mery Katrantzou, Moschino


Ashish, MM6 Martin Margiela, Gucci, Manish Arora


Christopher Kane, Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs, Moschino


Ashish, Chanel, Rodarte, Antonio Marras

Text: Anna Nieszczerzewicz

translation: Agnieszka Wawiórko