Barcelona is known from the fact, that in the evening or at night, you can find literally everything on its streets! People tend to throw away their unnecessary things on the streets. They don’t usually sell them, even if they are in a very good condition. Until yesterday, I didn’t realize how many such rarities I have. I decided to photograph and show you the coolest ones!

1. Act of a beautiful black women.


The painting appears to be small, but in reality, it is 1,60x1m. They were closing a bar, and everything from it was thrown away on the street where I work. Just when I saw it, I realized that I had to have it. Kaha, Aneczka and Helka. helped with transporting it. We had so much fun!



2. Mirror, mirror.


I found this big mirror with a friend, in a deserted and somewhat creepy apartment. That day we had more loot, but nothing compared to this treasure! Now, I couldn’t imagine my room without it.


3. The wall from Adidas shop window?


I don’t know how to call it differently. In any case, they changed the exhibition in Adidas shop, and this amazing thing was thrown away on the street. How can you pass by it indifferently?


4. Bookcase.


I found these two on a street, with my sister and friends. Brand-new, there were still foil on the screws. At first, we thought that someone would come to get them, but after a while, and bearing in mind that they are standing by a dumpster, we decided to take them. Polish team has helped, and after 10 minutes, bookcases were in our apartment.


5. Another painting.


How the world used to look like? Just like that. Another loot. This has come a long way, and I thank my cousin Befatka and Zami for bringing it home. I couldn’t do it myself!


6. Table.


I find this little table on a staircase. It works perfectly on the balcony. We are using it for drinking coffee, basking in the sun, and I sat at it when I was doing footnotes for my master’s thesis. Perfect height. Back doesn’t hurt.


7. Blanket, bottle opener, SzataMiś and Jerry.


Blanket, it looks just like Burberry! Helka took him from a beach and, in the end, it stayed with us. Fish-opener, found in an abandoned apartment. Kaśka found Jerry while he was sitting on one of Barcelona’s benches. And SzataMiś… His story is worth a separate article. Found on the street, beloved by Tyrion. One day, I and Anuszka, (his second mom) will share his history with the world.


8. Cabinet and head.


My room mate, which we call Hamster, decided to bring these things home. I understand the bookcase, but the head? Good that I’m not afraid of it anymore.

As you can see, you can pimp your place a little. Besides the photographed items, we have also shoe boxes, notebooks, coloured boxes, video tapes, etc. Once I almost had a guitar, but it turned out, that one boy put it down just for a moment…

Another portion of street rarities coming soon! And you, what do you have from the streets?


translation: Agnieszka Wawiórko