Is there anything better for cold winter nights than warm, woollen sweater, thick cap and a hot cup of your favorite tea? No! So why not give yourself (or your close ones) a little bit of heaven for Christmas, and make a gift, about which everyone dreams?

Bez nazwy-1

Everything aforementioned, especially a warm sweater, which will serve us for years, we will find in the offer of Roboty Ręczne. You can read more about the brand in our earlier material, which can be found HERE. We visited Marta and her mother in the studio in Miedzeszyn near Warsaw.


Casual clothes from Robots can be bought in the online shop, or you can go to Miedzeszyn. But we have great news for the fans of not-online shopping! All people from Warsaw will have a unique opportunity this week – you can visit and “feel” hats, sweaters, socks, tracksuits, bracelets and other products of RR! Marta and Jan are waiting for you in beautifully decorated, temporary boutique in Mokotów, on Melsztyńska 2/47 (next to Puławska street). You should definitely go there to feel warm and festive atmosphere with the scent of fresh cinnamon, mandarin and cookies. Although it is a temporary boutique, brand owners have taken care of every detail which make visitors feel at home. These scents, however, aren’t the result of candles, or other chemical diffusers, but of richly and beautifully (!) decorated table full of Christmas goodies. You will have the opportunity to talk with Marta, learn all about the products, try, order, test. Anyway, see for yourself – pictures say it all!


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Boutique is open until Sunday 12/20/2015, from 11 to 19.

Link to the event on Facebook.

translation: Agnieszka Wawiórko