At various stages of my life, I was given different nicknames:
– Krawiec: the most popular, because it’s my last name
– Sastre: also my surname, but in Spanish.
– Anielka/Żiżu: it will take too long to explain.
– Deer,
– Whale, etc.

It is always funny when I introduce myself to someone from Spain or Portugal. Kasia sounds almost like Caixa, which means “a box”/type of the bank (eg. Caixa Catalunya) or as Cachasa, which is “a bum”.
It isn’t surprising that different variations of my name are being made: cachaça (a Brazilian type of alcohol), Caixa de frutas (a box of fruit) and so on.

However, recent nickname clung to me not because of the name, or last name, but by my appearance. Well, my Portuguese friends from cultural management found that the haircut, which I have on my head most of the time (slightly chaotic bun, sometimes a ponytail), resembles a pineapple… One word to another and I became Caixa de PINEAPPLE. All Portuguese hotel guests called me that. Not to mention the employees!
I was announcing some animation and in the distance I could hear: “Look! Pineapple speaking!”. Well, matter of habit.

And suddenly I began to notice pineapple themes all around! Blouses, pants, swimwear… Pineapple is probably on top now!



My “notorious” hair and accidentally discovered Bugs Bunny’s pineapple friend.



“There’s a nut for every bolt ” – our companion of restaurant dinners.



Here, in self-made Pineapple costume with Smurf next to me (but that’s another story!).

What nicknames do you have?

Photos: Michelinda!

How to become a fruit.