The idea was born on a beautiful beach in southern Spain, called Islandilla.

A distinguishing feature were supposed to be high quality ingredients and funny way of ordering.

The result is a real BOMB..

Hmmm… How to describe this place? Lory Money will probably do it the best.

 100 Montaditos can now boast of a nearly 350 restaurants throughout Spain and several in Italy, Portugal, Mexico, Colombia and Chile.

In Barcelona itself, there are 24 of them. I’ve been in a few, but my favourites are Ravalu and Urquinaony zone.

What in general is montadito?

Well, montadito is a diminutive of montado , which meansassembled, inserted. And that’s the way the ingredients are placed in tasty, homemade bread. There are of course100 sandwiches in the menu.

I am writing this myself, because, as you can guess, the place is very affordable.

Prices of sandwiches range from 1 to about 2 Euro and they are really EXCELLENT! Every kind under the sun. Everyone will find something for himself. Montadito with chicken, beef, ham, brie cheese, goat cheese, calamari, mussels, pate, gyros, etc., etc. squared. And it’s all accompanied with by vegetables and mayonnaise, BBQ sauce, alioli or yet another madness. All sandwiches are served with chips.

For an appetizer, you can order chicken wings, olives, nachos. But I prefer fries with cheese or fries served with four sauces. Yum! My mouth waters!

For dessert, you can ordered a special montadito,, whose bread is made ​​with chocolate. Inside you can find cookie filling, chocolate, strawberry and several others.

But the coolest thing in 100 Montaditos is that you can always came across a promotion. Currently there are three:

  1. JARRAMANIA. Order Jarra (half a liter) of beer or tinto de verano (<3) and sandwich, you will pay 2 Euros.
  2. EUROMANIA.  Eat all montaditos for 1 Euro.
  3. TABLAMANIA. Rhyme and you get 5 montaditos (more expensive ones) for 5 Euro!

In addition to his, there are always group discounts, for example, 12 sandwiches for 10 Euro, or 7 for 5, and so on.

Great place to come alone or with friends. Great atmosphere, plenty of space, handwritten orders. and walls covered with photographs of old (in my case) Barcelona only add the charm to this place.

Once you absorbed montadito, there is nothing else to do but drink. You can order coffee, juice, beer, etc. We most liked, however, a delicious, refreshing, cold and light tinto de verano!




Photos by Helka, except for the last one, which was made by ​​Anuszka.

translation: Agnieszka Wawiórko