This story is a little bit old, but constantly putting a smile on my face. It’s one of these, which proves that the world still has some wonderful people!

It all began with the desire of seeing Las Fallas (here Hela’s text on this). First, the desire, then the ultimate decision – let’s go! Our professors, although our previous absences and the time being not the most convenient, agreed to release us from the classes – “After all, these are Iberian Studies, learning about Spanish culture is the most important.”
Tickets – the cheapest ones, of course! On the Ryanair website we found the perfect (financial) option: Warsaw-Milan-Valencia / Valencia-Milan-Warsaw.  Transfer didn’t discourage us completely. How many times we breathlessly ran from one gate to another, how many times we experienced: “Oh God! We won’t make it! ”
The difference was, that in the current situation we didn’t have to worry about whether we will manage to reach a second plane. The issue of ‘running’ simply didn’t exist. We was landing in Milan one day, and the second in the afternoon we had a flight to Valencia. The same situation in the other direction.
“Well – we thought – we will catch some sleep at the airport”. And that ended our speculations.

The awaited day has come. Standing in front of the departures board at the airport in Warsaw, we couldn’t hide our excitement. The adventure begins!
At one point, a woman came to us (in hes fifties, well groomed, smiling) and asked if we know what the check-in numbers for a flight to Milan were. As she looked slightly lost and confused, we said that we are also going to Italy and if she wants, we can find our check-in counter together.
And as the three of us stood in the queue, talking, Mrs. Ewa told us that she is a little afraid of flying (it was even before I started to be afraid). We suggested she sit between us and we would hold her hand.

So it was. We supported Mrs. Ewa during the whole flight. And we talked. A lot. A loooot! It turned out that Mrs. Ewe lived in Milan for 30 years and now she flies there as often as she can, because she has two daughters there. One of them is currently in the advanced stages of pregnancy and she must take care of her! Back then she was coming just for a week, which meant that we will be going to Poland together. A nice, cheerful, open and friendly woman. Such a Mediterranean culture in a Polish body.

When we were close to landing, Mrs. Ewa found about our plans to sleep at the airport… and categorically refused! She said that we need to see Milan, which is lovely. In addition to this, the airport closes at night, so we could sleep at most on the lawn in the front!
We were already preparing to explain our financial condition (“we can’t afford any hostel”), when Ewa proposed the following scenario:
“You will sleep in an apartment that is normally rented by my daughter, but now it stands empty. We’ll take you there, give the keys and explain everything. You will do some sightseeing, walking, and later you can sleep there. When you’ll come back from Valencia, you will do the same, and when we meet on a plane to Warsaw, you will give me the keys and tell how it was! “.

milan to visit

In this way, just like that, humanly, we have been ‘donated’ a roof over our heads! Gratuitously, so simply, because it is worth to help if you can.

Thanks to Mrs. Ewa, not only could we get enough sleep, bathe and generally spend the night in normal conditions, but also stroll around Milan, which, although not particularly impressing, was worth seeing.

When, after a brilliant week in Valencia, we took on a plane to Warsaw and we saw a smiling face of Mr. Ewa, we were really happy! As if we met our friend! Again, we hold hands of frightened Mrs. Ewa, we told ourselves funny stories, and I think that we all felt like we knew each other a lot longer than we really did.

I have to tell you, that I have some kind of luck – I meet a lot of amazing, wonderful people on my way. Sometimes they help me, sometimes I help them, but I always have the impression as if it were ordinary, natural, unforced. And so it is!

Mrs. Ewa helped us without knowing us at all, even though she didn’t have to. Because you can always be a good and compassionate person. No matter what.


translation: Agnieszka Wawiórko