ANDALUSAnda!, or go! walk! and lus. Luz means light, but lussss? It may concern the Spanish region of Andalusia, and maybe it is just innocent grammatical mistake. Who knows?


So, anyway, ANDALUS is a place that I got to know 3 years ago, when I lived with Kaśka and Bogi on the wrong side of Rambla, which is Ravalu. Raval was formely known for the huge amount of prostitutes on the streets, drug addicts, drug dealers, thieves and migrants. But times are changing, and from what I mentioned, there is only a couple of nice ladies in flashy costumes left. And immigrants. Raval is doing great and you can find there lots of interesting eateries. But I’ll tell more about it another time. The point is, that this side of Rambla is much cheaper than the other.

One sunny day we were returning home, wondering what to do for lunch, when we saw a sign ANDALUS calling us, and Paki grinning at us. We looked at the menu and we already knew. 3 buns with tuna and all the additions, please!


this is how one sandwich cut in half looks like


This sandwich can’t be eaten at one time. This is a huge baguette with tuna, beets, lettuce, carrots, onion, tomato, cucumber, mayonnaise and… chips! Yes, chips in a bun. And all for 2 Euro. Of course you can order more excellent version with chicken or beef, but then the price will also be higher. Anyway, you can eat half of the sandwich or eat it for:

  1. lunch and dinner.
  2. dinner and breakfast.

The sandwich will politely wait in the refrigerator.

  • dodatki
  • więcej dodatków
  • powtórzę, 2 euro!!!
  • bo są też inne rzeczy
  • wnętrze

I recommend you that. Sandwich is very good, but unfortunately, after a week of eating it every day you’ll be fed up with it. Man needs a few days break before he will be able to return to it again.

You can have a take-away or sit in the inside. Apart from sandwiches, you can also eat tart, sausages, chicken and other cool meals. The prices are really affordable. It isn’t a place decorated in a elegant way, but just right for someone who rather saves money.

What can I say? Light walk with me!

photos:  Helka

translation: Agnieszka Wawiórko