It was a beautiful day on the square by Polina. The birds were chirping, the grass was getting green, the sun was warm, the children were frolicking in prams pushed by smiling moms. You feel the climate – idyll. I walked with a spring in my step; lost in thought, because I just left Luxmed, in which not only the receptionists and nurses were nice and smiling during taking a blood sample, but also a doctor from the room twenty-two. In addition to this, the whole process from the entrance to the clinic, to the end of the visit, lasted fifteen minutes.

I was just comparing the rate of private insurance and quality of services to the NFZ ones. The calculation came out to me in plus, just because eighty percent of the latter can be tax-deductible, and if I break my arm, then at least I can have it casted at the expense of the state. Touch wood.

Suddenly, someone grabbed me by the arm. I was surprised a little bit, because I was just contemplating the imaginary plaster cast on my right arm.

– Excuse me – a sympathetic hipster in Ray-bans said with a smile

– Yes? – I asked dreamily, still thinking about the cast and signatures of colleagues from work on a white sleeve. I’d have to wear oversizes and a sling. Tough case.

– Hello, I’m Michał – he introduced himself enthustiastically.

– Hi. Maria – I answered politely, though with reserve. – When it comes to civil petitions, I actually live on Wola, and if you want to give me bible for Jehovah’s witnesses, then thanks, my family crusade is enough for me. – I turned on my heel.

No, no. I fancy you – he said with enthusiasm to my back. I looked critically. Quite handsome, fashionably dressed, seemed nice. – I was following you for quite some time. I would like to invite you on a date.

– That’s great, you see, but first, I have a great boyfriend, and secondly, I’m not dating younger men – I answered the sympathetic psychopath. He looked harmless, apart from a little too tight skinny jeans and a black hat.

– It’s nothing – (the youthful enthusiasm…) – Your boyfriend won’t know – he whispered conspiratorially.

– You know, I’m from at least a few years older than you – I said, also whispering.

– It doesn’t matter, you look young. Age is just a number – he summed me up briefly, blinking his eye, which probably had to look sexy, but the effect was quite the opposite, because I felt as if he wanted to set me up with my mother.

He started to bother me, especially because something flashed between his teeth.

Cottage cheese.

Not that I have any disorder, but to the end of this amazing conversation, I looked only at his teeth.

– I took my braces off recently – he noticed it, and puffed out his skinny chest with pride.

And it flashed again.

– Erm… you have nice teeth – I was saved by the 180 bus, I got through the last door with relief. It flashed for the last time, and I thought that sometimes simple things are thwarting our plans. It’s true, I wasn’t interested in any way in this poor kid, but if he came across some nice high school graduate, and she, guided by a principle that the devil is in the details, won’t rather go to a date with him.


Boys. Before you approach a girl (older one in paparticular), wash your teeth firstly. And, just in case, if you want to the first meeting to happen, don’t bite your nails, because she can be a bitch and pay attention to such details.

PS. My Dear, during our first meeting has totally dirty shoes; as it turned out, it was the only pair he had. The fact that he has muddy shoes touched me so much, rather than theoretically piss me off; in addition to the beautiful pictures that ‎‎‎Łukasz did, and dimple in his cheek, made me finally go on a date with him.

But I remember that he had very masculine hands;)

The devil is in the details. Definitely.