How is it possible, that in this country, people say about motherhood such idyllic, sweet and rosy things, that no sane person will believe it? Or, for a change, things such realistic, almost naturalistic, with a great deal of suffering and sacrifice?

I feel sorry for all future mothers, who search the Internet for answers to nagging questions and come across parenting blogs of this kind. Because either they will be afraid of motherhood at the beginning, or, misguided by a rosy vision, they will be deeply disappointed by its true face.


I wonder, why can’t it be done normally? That, indeed, it is sometimes difficult, but the little man next to you is a great thing and a reward for every sleepless night. That sometimes you feel like putting a delinquent on a balcony, but your are surely waiting for the next rounds of hugging. That teething is horrible (if dinosaurs had teethed, they would have become extinct earlier, SERIOUSLY.), but the smile composed of mini-teeth is the most beautiful in the world. That motherhood is a sinusoid and contrasts. Regardless of what even the most well-known blogger-celebrity says about it.