Monasterio de Piedra (Stone Monastery) is a monastic complex, hotel and landscape park in the Iberian System mountain range, near the town of Nuévalos, in the province of Zaragoza (Aragon). The monastery was founded by the Cistercians in the old castle. In the surrounding park, river “Piedra”, meandring over the hills, creates the whole system of stunning waterfalls, caves and reservoirs that can be enjoyed endlessly.

If you are going to Zaragoza, or if you want to see some beautiful nature on the way from Barcelona to Madrid, it is worth reserving a few extra hours to visit this wonderful park… and a few more if you would like to see both the park and the monastery. We had to choose one of the two, but to be honest, I don’t regret that we chose the park. Anyway, see for yourself!










Cascada Cola de Caballo – Horsetail Waterfall,

the highest in the whole park (over 50 m).





Before the visit, it is worth to properly recharge the batteries, because the park is really big. I can recommend you a good restaurant, where you will be able to do so – we stumbled upon it along the way. It is called Taberna Restaurante Puerta de Terrer in the town of Calatayud. We were really impressed with the delicious food they offer in the usual menu del día for around 10 Euro. We also learned that it definitely shouldn’t be our last trip to thi sarea. Apparently, Monasterio de Piedra need to be seen at least four times in life, each time in a different time of year. My first visit was in the autumn, and I would definitely recommend this time. Stunning colours of the trees slowly losing their leaves, and still warm sunshine made our nearly two-hour walk more pleasant.

On the official monnasterio de piedra website, you will find practical information to help you organize your visit :)

translation: Agnieszka Wawiórko