Yuki Kajiura! Who knows this lady? Maybe she’s know among fans of Japanese animation… Among those, who draw from anime a little more than a vision. In my opinion, it’s a shame to waste time on anime only for a pretty good battle animation or for choking a chicken to nicely drawn big boobs. There is no escape for those who haven’t got a clue of what I’m talking about…

Anime is not just a cartoon… OK, this is a cartoon, but it consists of a few important things. These are not Gummi Bears or Donald Duck. Good anime has a compelling story, is nicely drawn and animated, and most important – has great music. The music itself can often determine whether it is worth seeing a particular series.

Going back to Ms. Kajiura. Kajira Yuki was born on August 6, 1965 in Tokyo. In 1992, she made her debut in a female trio See-Saw. Yuki says that the biggest impact on the decision to take on music, was her dad, who was fond of classical music. With See-Saw she released several EPs and two studio albums. In 1995, the girls stated that they need to rest from each other. Kajiura began her solo career, composing music for other artists. I’ve read somewhere, that she worked at that time as a sound technician on TV. She also worked with commercials, games, films and, of course, anime. I will not write about the artist herself, because if anyone is interested, you can easily look it up on the Internet. It’s her music I’m talking about. She neatly mixes classical music with electronics. In her projects, folk motifs can be also heard. I personally believe that what she creates is brilliant. You can take my word for it, but you better listen for yourself and come to the same conclusion as I did. I could write down all the anime titles, to which she created music, but honestly I don’t feel like doing it. There are 23 titles that won’t say anything for a normal person. I bet that most of the cartoon perverts have no idea that their favourite series has tracks created by Kajiura. This is so sad… I know they are handicapped… I believe that the only boobs they will be seeing in a long time are the 2D ones. You really should listen to what the artist has to offer. If it won’t fall to your taste, then at least you will have a proof that your taste is so lame that it’s not worth talking about.

translation: Agnieszka Wawiórko