Gasz is a band consisting of only (or as much as!) 5 talented rock’n’roll women. Each one of them is different, but each attracts with its nature, a way of being and, above all, a way of playing/singing. The magnetic Młoda vocalist of the band, strongly stimulated the audience, especially the male part. After the concert, there were even queues to lift the girls on their arms. Interestingly, gentlemen got too far, and I also was raised under the heavens!

Młoda – vocals
Kasia – guitar
Mariliss – guitar
Aga – bass guitar
Dorota – drums

10332861_877506498933576_466987124_ophot. Oskar Jan Jarzyna

First we met on the band’s rehearsal in Warsaw.

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The next day we met in the same place, to go on tour straight to Sokolów, where the girls were playing a concert.

Bez nazwy-1


Bez nazwy-2




And we’re there. Men turned out to be very helpful.






After setting out the equipment, a small break to go to reliable Biedronka, and consumption of more or less local delicacies (remember that we were in Sokołów).

Bez nazwy-3

Last adjustments.




Last cigarette…


And high heels rock’n’roll!




Bez nazwy-4






I won’t overlook the fact that I wouldn’t go there if not for OSKAR!

Be sure to watch the material from the tour!