Birthday, name-day, wedding anniversary. Abroad (and not only abroad) there is also, for example, St. Patrick’s Day, Halloween, Oktoberfest, Thanksgiving, Earth Day, the Sabbath.

Obviously, these holidays are celebrate by everyone.

Poles also belong to the celebrating group (and celebrities, he he). Mainly, we celebrate these events and anniversaries, during which you sit down together at a table, and don’t get up until the last member of the family eat the last mushroom in marinade.

I also like to celebrate. My favourite occasions to celebrate are:

  1. Clean-Up Day – every Saturday of the year, apart from summer holidays. In the summer, I use a mop only just before my parents’ visit, which is rather rarely.
  2. Clean Sheets Day – once a week. Starch, rigid edges, cold side of a cushion. I love it.
  3. Home Alone Day – at least once a week. It’s a day when Mr.Cat is away for photos, and mice (Alice and I) play.
  4. Pizza Day. It happens that it fits to…

      … 5. Prosecco Day and it is usually Friday evening.

  1. Working Day – it’s a working day at work, unless I’m on vacation.
  2. Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day – a very nice day, but celebrated by accident (legally known also as Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day and celebrated on the last day of January, but who would stick to this rigid timing). I play with bubble wrap mostly when I order electronics via the internet, and there is a little of it left.
  3.  Workout Day – this is the opposite of the Lazy Day, which starts at 18 every day, and unfortunately, continues until awakening in the morning. Workout Day can be counted in minutes.
  4. Sale Day – a very enjoyable holiday, which I celebrate regularly every season. It takes as much time as the Polar Day at the Arctic Circle (which is long). Apparently, I buy less and less, but it’s nice to look at prices on tags, soaring down like these nosediving gliders at the Air Show in Radom.
  5. A day in a life of a blonde – a day like every day. It starts on Monday and ends on Sunday. And so 365 times a year.

You could say that my life is a never-ending fiesta!

And you, what unusual days are you celebrating? ;)