Talking about helping is easy, but sometimes, when it comes to take steps, some action, it’s getting harder. I don’t have time/I don’t have money – these are probably the most common reasons for our inaction.

That is why I am very happy, when I see such initiatives as “Helping refugees in Greece” – two young, cool girls decided to go to Lesbos to help people who have nothing. They collect money for blankets, jackets, sleeping bags and isolation coats. People, it is worth supporting them!

Paola and Magda – initiators of the action – are friends who, instead of looking passively at what is happening in the world, decided to do something!
I met Paola some time ago, in Barcelona, ​​where she had an internship. I have to tell you, that this is the type of person that my dear grandmother would define as: “she couldn’t sit still just for one moment.” A thousand ideas a minute, always on the run. Extremely empathic and ambitious girl.
Therefore, I wasn’t surprised at all, when I found out that she was going to the Balkans to help refugees there. But Paola couldn’t sit back and do nothing in this situation!

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I think that helping and volunteering is a bit like a drug. It’s addictive and then you can’t easily stop. Paola joined forces with her friend Magda, and together they decided to help the refugees in Greece, where the reality is really sad.

Winter is coming, and those people don’t even have blankets that could protect them from the cold (not to mention a roof over their head, which would be a luxury for them). These people sailed across the sea on a raft. On pontoons! Not on boats or ships. Huddled, frightened, soaked, desperately tried to swim to a place which is free from war. They took with them only the most necessary things, which some of them had to throw away fearing of overloading the pontoon and drowning.
Do any of you can imagine the fear and hope these people had inside? How much you have to be afraid to take your child/father/wife/brother in such a “journey”? Hoping for what? Surviving.

What do we worry about? That we don’t have enough money for bills, that we won’t go home for Christmas, that we have to work on New Year’s Eve, that tomorrow is the deadline of the loan repayment?
These people don’t know what is waiting for them on so much awaited shore. They don’t know what is waiting for them in Europe, how we will welcome them. But they swam here with hope. Hoping that they will no longer have to run away, that they will no longer be afraid, that they will survive.

Let’s help them! Take 5zł from each purchased holiday gift and help this action. These blankets and sleeping bags can save lives. The life they fought for, the life that was so threatened in their country, and later during the sea crossing. We couldn’t allow that now, here, at OUR land, they will lost their hope.

Let’s leave aside all prejudices, fears and hatred. After all, it’s about human life. Is there anything more valuable?


My dears, more about the action:


Girls, along with three other volunteers, are flying to Greece on 22.12, so we still have time to do a good deed this year! Can you help?


*photos: Paola Menin


translation: Agnieszka Wawiórko