According to the British foundation CafeArt, art is a great idea to help the homeless bond with other communities. For 3 years, the foundation is organizing workshops for people affected by this problem. The aim of this activities is to help them build up from scratch, find the right path, and also discover the potential that lies within each of us. Artistic actions and desire for expression are in every human being, and if art comes from the internal conflicts, homeless people have an amazing material that can translate into creative work.

In July this year, the foundation decided to hand over 100 people from London disposable cameras which were meant to record their lives. Everything under the common theme “My London”. These people have undergone training in photography run by professionals from the Royal Photographic Society (I would like to undergo such training myself!).
Approx. 2,500 photographs were developed and the “curators” of the project (including Fujifilm’s, Christie’s and London Photo Festival representatives) chose the top 20. After that, they were presented to the people to choose those, from which the calendar for 2016 will be made. Profits from the calendar are meant to help fund both the project and the prizes for the awarded.

So far, the initiative is looking for funds and if you want to participate, make your contribution on Kickstarter.

Below, I would like to present you some of my favorite photographs from this project.
Interesting fact: if you look at the names, you’ll see that two people who reached the final phase of the project are Polish.