Photodissolutions is a series of an Italian artist called Kuinexs. It was created in an unusual manner. Now, a self-taught Kuinexs overdoes photographs from Terry Richardson’s album named Terryworld. Dissolving ink on the pictures, and then painting over them with a brush, artist achieved a surprising effect. His “photographic do-overs” look like Bacon mixed with Richardson.

Most of the works may be concerned as pornography. However, there is no denying that fragments of mouth or teeth left in this destruction, will create an aura of intriguing ugliness.

  • Bacon
  • Richardson

Although I’m not a fan of Terry Richardson and his photographs, I highly respect Francis Bacon. Therefore, I think that Kuinexs surprisingly combines all the best features from the work of the two men, giving an original and attractive result.

Unfortunately Kuinexs’ tumblr, from which I got the photos, no longer exists, but by typing his nickname in google, you will surely find many of his works.

translation: Agnieszka Wawiórko