Kuduro, which is a type of music and dance originally developed in Angola, combines various types of carnival music from Caribbean and all of it of a very fast beat.

So much for the introduction, but what will happen if you mix the traditional Angolan type of music with techno and house music? Then, the progressive kuduro will arise. And the most popular representative of kuduro – among other things thanks to a Brittish star MIA – is Buraka Som Sistema. Despite not very long time of activity – from 2008 – the group has gained in popularity among many people. This year, there’s a possibility to listen to them in Warsaw on 17th of April on Red Bull Music Academy. Find out more here.

First aff all, you should pay the most attention to their music videos. Many of them presents a large piece of Angola, the inhabitants as well as the original kuduro dance. And that’s why I am writing this post – to show you the whole madness of the kuduro phenomenon in exotic and outstandingly energetic version of it with which  Buraka Som Sistema provides her listeners.








Translation: Ewa Hoffman