I guess you won’t be surprised if I tell you that for us, Europeans, there’s plenty of things, situations as well as principles in Brasil that we may find astonishing and interesting. Things, that we are totally unfamiliar with as they are new for us. And I’m not talking about such obvious aspects like views or temperature.

For those who are planning a long journey as well as those who just find hot Brasil interesting, I prepared 8 interesting facts about this incredible country that I observed while being there.*

1. If you take off your bra on the beach, you may get a fine Jeśli zdejmiesz stanik na plaży, możesz dostać mandat.
And it wouldn’t be nothing strange if all these women… didn’t expose their bums in all their glory! “Breasts – no, no and no, it’s too provocative, but a bum – no problem!” Of course, most off them [bums] are surgically enhanced, which gives a really good effect as the women usunally have their swimwear in the style of those in “Baywatch” .

rio pupa

2. If you go by a taxi – always taximetro! Jeśli taxitylko z taximetro!
You get off the plane pretty lost and all you know is the target address of the place you have to go to. No problem. But remember – go straight to the driver. On no account should you get it in the airport window service! Even is the lady grinns at you and says it’s for peanuts. It’s not true!

3. You will see a lot of people crossing themselves “In the name of the Father, and the Son…” in the most various situations. 
It made me feel a little bit confused at the beginning, but after a while I got used and realised that if a lady at the cash register crosses herself before she gives change to me, it doesn’t necessarily mean she’s going to take out a gun and kill me. It’s just the moment for a contact with God for her.

4. Public toilets on petrol stations near motorways – wow! 
Big, spacious, CLEAN, some of them containing even up to 15 cubicles! How many times when travelling by a coach somewhere you wondered if manage to use the toilet during the 10mins break? In addition to that, there was half of the coach in front of you in the queue and only two toilet cubicles. You would’nt have such problems in Brasil. A wide range of washbasins, mirrors, hand dryers – in a word – luxuriousness!

5. Travelling by a long-distance coach by itself is an experience definitely worth trying. 
The driver will scrupulously explain everything to you like a tourist guide before the setting off: how long will take the trip, what stops, what will you see, when will you have breaks and what is worth paying attention to. At the end he will add: “God, take care of us”. Now you can start your trip. Of course, there’s packed lunch, bathrooms and a very nice lady that cleans the coach during the stops – all included!
And one more thing, which I found very captivating – there’s not only destination displayed in a coach, but also a text “BOA VIAGEM :)” (Have a nice trip)

6. Fast food in Rio de Janeiro? If you thing McDonald is the most popular resturant also here – no way!
In the city center, behind the corner, near the beach or the metro station, everywhere – Bob’s Burger. Try it yourself!



7. Açaí!
Start your day with a portion of delicious açaí and it it wil be better and better for you. Brazilians love the fruit and it is really not difficult to make you love it as well! Among many health properties that it has, you will fell in love with the taste of it! Yummy!



8. Sport on the beach? Volleyball? Football? Or maybe both, mixed? Yeeeah! Let’s play footvolley! 


Finally, I invite you to listen “Lepo Lepo” that I guess everyone there knows. What’s more, every girl knows ho to dance to it and she will very much desire to teach you…!

* of course, my observations are mostly subjective :)

photos: wikipedia; katrinaurel.weebly.com; best-beaches.com

Translation: Ewa Hoffman